Relying on Heaven to Slaughter Dragons



god only knows的第三季片头曲Goddess

God only knows -Secrets of the Goddess-《只有神知道的世界》第三季片头曲 God only knows –Secrets of the Goddess-「只有神知道的世界 女神篇」OP作词:西田惠美编曲:前口涉演唱:Oratorio The World God Only Knows(注:此时成员为早见沙织×ex. Haqua d’rot Herminimum) 【Prologue: God(序言:神)】作曲:本田光史郎Whenever you cry【无论何时你若哭泣】Just count your blessings【就请回忆你曾经的祈愿】Every time you try【每一次你若尝试】Learn something, believe yourself【总会有所收获 你要相信自己】Look to the sky【仰望广阔天空】Like a bird without wings【我们就像失去羽翼的鸟儿】If you want to fly【如果你渴望飞翔】Fell your heart, release yourself【就聆听你的心声 解放你自己】We are alive in this world【我们立于此世】Life is sometimes unfair【上天并不是时时公平】We keep going in this world【我们在这世间不断前行】Lord will hear our prayers【主会听见我们的祈祷】Look up at the sky【仰望广阔天空】Like a bird without wings【我们宛若失去羽翼的小鸟】If you want to fly【你若渴望飞翔】Feel your breeze, release yourself【就去感受你心中的那阵微风 解放你自身】Why do you sigh?【为什么要叹气呢】Just cont your blessings【回忆下你曾经的祈愿吧】Every time you try【无论何时 你若尝试】Find something, believe yourself【都将会有所发现 你要相信自己】My mission is gonna be a tough one【变得坚强是我的目标】I know it’s not a game anymore【我知道这不再是场游戏】I swear that I’ll never fail again【我对天起誓 我不会再失败】’Cuz don’t wanna regret anymore【因为我不想再后悔了】Can you hear I’m calling you?【你听见我的呼唤了吗?】I just wanna fell you【我只是希望能与你为一】Don’t forget to remember【别忘了将我铭记】So please remember【请不要将我忘记】I hear you are calling me【我听见你正在呼唤我】I want you to feel me【我希望你能感受我的感受】You know I won’t surrender【你知道我已不会选择放弃】Never surrender【也从未放弃】My mission I’ve got to execute【我必须实现我的目标】I know it’s not a game anymore【我知道这不再是一场游戏】I swear that I’ll never fail again【我发誓我绝不会再度失败】‘Cuz don’t wanna regret anymore【只因我不想再度后悔】【Chapter1:Vulcanus(第一章:伏尔甘/九条月夜)】作曲:川崎里实Secrets of the goddess【女神的秘密】God only knows【唯有神知晓】This is my fate, I accept all the pain【这是我的命运 我接受了所有的痛苦】And overcome suffering【跨越了次次磨难】I share your fate, will never let you down【我与你共命运 我绝不会让你失望】Do my best in everything【我会尽一切可能做到最好】You are the light for me【你是我的光芒】I’ll be the light for you【我也将为你点亮一路光明】So just stay by your side【所以你做你自己就好】All the things will go your way【一切都将为你而动】And go my way【也会随我而动】That’s just like a dream in the night【此时就像是在静谧夜晚做的美梦一般】Here come Luna【月神降临】Always shining brightly【总是如此的耀眼明媚】There’s one definite truth, noble beauty【唯有此是毋庸置疑的 她是如此高贵美丽】For the real love【为了真爱】Moving forward slightly【哪怕只有一点 我也要向前迈进】I carry out all my wishes【我实现了我所有的梦想】True justice, that’s what I believe【真正的正义 这就是我所坚信的】【Chapter2:Apollo(第二章:阿波罗/中川花音)】作曲:川崎里实I know that no one was to blame【我知道这不是谁的错】Don’t feel sorry, it was not your fault【所以不用愧疚 这不是你的错】Remember that you’re in my thoughts【别忘了我在时刻想念你】I hope you feel the same【我希望你能感受得到】You’re the one who can save me【你是我唯一的救赎】Every time I think of you【每当我思念你之时】Fell like being with you【仿佛我就陪伴在你身边】I’ll be alright, cry no more【已经没有什么好害怕的了 已经没有什么可哭泣的了】I smile for you, I sing for you【我会为你而笑 为你歌唱】Every time you think of me【无论何时你若想念我】Please remember my song【就请回想我送给你的歌】I wait for you【我正等待你的到来】And give me all of your love【请给我你全部的爱】【Chapter3: Diana(第三章:狄安娜/鲇川天理)】作曲:江并哲志Whenever, wherever you need me【无论何时何地你若需要我】I’ll come out right away and help you【我都会立马赶到 为你倾尽全力】Never be afraid【没有什么值得恐惧】I should just achieve my aim【只许我全力去实现我的目标】Whenever, wherever you need love【无论何时何地你若需要爱】You should show your true emotion【就请展现你内心最深处的那份情感】Your sweet breath is【你那甜美的气息】Just like a gentle breeze【就像一阵沁人的微风】You need someone to take your hand【你需要有人牵起你的手】Open your eyes and heart【睁开你的眼睛 敞开你的心扉】Take your time【抓住你手中不断流逝的时间】And tell me what is on your mind【告诉我 你究竟在想想些什么呢?】Natural laws, everything grows【自然的法则 万物生长不息】Want you to keep a pure mind【希望你能保持那纯洁的灵魂】Love will make you much stronger【爱将使你更加强大】Natural laws, the river flows【自然的法则 河流奔腾不止】Want you to stay innocent【希望你以后还是这样的纯真】And love will make you brighter【爱将让你更加耀眼】Natural laws, and the wind blows【自然的法则 风儿吹拂大地】Want you to find your love【希望你能找到属于你的那份爱】Life will bring you a lot of happiness【你那振奋的内心将为你带来无尽的快乐幸福】【Chapter4: Minerva(第四章:密涅瓦/汐宫栞)】作曲:木村香真良You prefer sitting and spending your time【你或许更愿意在一间安静的屋子里】In the quiet room【度过独处的时光】And your favorite things are【你最喜欢做的】Reading several books and daydreaming【便是阅读各种各样的书 做着美好的梦】I trust the wisdom of my soul【我相信我灵魂中的智慧】And keep the faith of my heart【我相信我所坚信之物】Even if stumble【纵使我会跌倒】I’ll stand up and walk again【我也会再次站起 继续向前】Move forward, take a chance【前进不停 直至抓住那机会】Here we go【让我们启程出发吧】Your positive thoughts and words【你那永不言弃的信心与言语】Will bring you luck【将为你带来数不尽的幸运】Don’t hesitate to say and express your love【不要犹豫去表达你的爱】Let your heart be free now【就让你的心引领你】You can change yourself【你定能改变自己】【Chapter5: Mars(第五章:艾瑞斯/五位堂结)】作曲:青山シゲル&薫ルMy brave heart is a powerful weapon【我那颗勇敢的心是我最有力的武器】To beat the evil and fight for the right【助我战胜邪恶 维护正义】Like a beautiful woman dressed as a man【仿佛一位貌美女子有着一股男人的气概】You’re defending yourself against all your fears【你为了保护自己与恐惧而战】You look comfortable disguising yourself【你似乎享受着乔装自己】Must be satisfied with becoming somebody else【你一定喜欢变成他人的感觉】My brave heart is powerful weapon【我那颗勇敢的心是我最有力的武器】To beat the evil and fight for the right【助我惩恶扬善】Like a beautiful woman dressed as a man【仿佛一位貌美女子有着男人一般的气概】You’re defending yourself against all enemies【你为了保护自己与敌人而战】Gotta fight to win now【此战必定会夺得胜利】【Chapter6: Mercurius(第六章:墨丘利/高原步美)】作曲:石冢玲依Run!【奔跑吧】You are on the run【你正在奔向前方的路上】Tell me where you are headed【告诉我你将去往何处呢】There is no rush, take your time【不必匆忙 把握你的时间】What is happening to you?【有什么降临在你身上了吗】You are so in love【你是如此的沉溺于爱恋】Though near or far, thinking of him【无论与他间隔多近多远 总是不停地思念着他】Imagine your future love【想象一下在未来即将得到的爱吧】What’s gonna happen to you?【又会有什么发生在你身上呢?】It’s fun to watch people【观察他人是如此有趣】“Many men, many minds”【“千种人,万种思”】I’m curious about so many things【一切都是那么令我好奇】More and more【请再告诉我我所不知道的事情吧】Don’t be so sad if you lost your love【纵使你失去了挚爱 也请不要哭泣】I know that you are much braver than you believe【我知道你比你想象得还要坚强】And want you to stay the way you are【我希望你能在属于你的道路上继续前行】I wish you are always filled with happiness【希望你能与快乐常伴】【Epilogue: Love and Revival(尾声:爱与复活)】作曲:mixakissaThe time has come to make【是时候启程了】An end of all the missions【去迎接最后的终幕】Won’t look back on my way【我已不会回首走过的路】It’s a thing of the past now【一切都已经过去了】You shine just like the stars【你就像天上的星辰一样闪耀】So grace, so pure, halo ring【如此优美 如此纯洁 还有着耀眼的光环】Bright, white, and marvelous wings【耀眼 纯白 带着非凡的翅膀】At last I see all goddesses【终于我得以拜见女神们】I am a bit down and fell empty【不知为何我感到一阵空虚与失落】So great and how amazing you are【记忆中的你是如此美好而令人难忘】I only did what I ought to【我只是做了我该去做的事】At last I see all goddesses【最终我得以拜见每一位女神】The time has come to make【是时候行动了】A success to revive you【是时候唤醒你们了】But it’s no so special【但这样的结局并不令人惊讶】It’s natural to complete【它早已注定会由我完成】You shine just like the stars【你就像天上的星辰一样闪耀】So grace, so pure, halo ring【如此优美 如此纯洁 光环闪耀】Bright, white, and marvelous wings【耀眼 纯白 还有美妙的翅膀】At last I see all goddesses【历经千难万险 我终于能拜谒于女神足下】I am a bit down and fell empty【莫名地我感到一阵空虚失落】So fine and how beautiful you are【记忆中的你是如此美好】I only did what I ought to【我只是做了我该做的事】At last I see all goddesses【跨越了千山万水 我终于见到你们了 神圣的女神们啊】The end


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